Fighting for a CURE!

Fighting for a CURE!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to school!

Well I must say, I am readdddddy for the kids to go back to school. Summer used to be so easy (expensive.......but still easy in hindsight) but now it is a real strain on the family. Since Rial has been diagnosed trying to find places for him and Nico to go to summer camp together and still Rial gets the proper looking after has been a chore to say the least. All the summer camps by us are run by young teens and diabetes camps are outrageously expensive. UGH. Although i will say i was not as prepared as I should have been, but then again who is really all that prepared when you find out your kid has Type 1 diabetes? Hopefully next year will be better, I will know what to look for, ask for help when needed and hopefully get a couple of good leads for the Maryland area. ( I will keep you updated)

Rial has been doing a great job of checking his own blood sugar levels, even though he forgets to change the lancets, I'm sure all that will come in time. Insulin shots have become 2nd nature to him, although the doctor has said he needs to move the shots all the way around. example, Monday: left arm, Tuesday: Right Arm, Wednesday: Left side of stomach, Thursday: Right side of stomach etc.... Rial has a major problem with the stomach area, still has not gotten used to it. He is working on it, but still is a chore for me at least.

Side note for Diabetics: Doctors suggest injecting insulin this way so you do not build up fatty deposits in the inject areas, if injected into fatty deposits you will not get the proper insulin which results in higher blood glucose levels and higher levels of insulin that is not needed.

I remember when i was going through the classes at Children's Hospital, all the kids who where there made appoint to say they love getting shots on the stomach since it tends to hurt less, wish Rial could have been there to hear this, but they only allowed children 10 years or older in. Every time I tell him this he sincerely thinks I'm lying! Oh well, whats a mom to do!?!

I will say between work and not having a stable camp to send him to, he has not had the proper exercise needed to maintain great numbers. Rial is on a lot of ups and downs and has the attitude to prove it! With staying home and indoors all day playing with x-box and DSI's, its a wonder why! JK! But Football season is approaching along with school and my rule of NO GAMES on week days, I do believe the numbers he has now will be a thing of the past along with his 2 shots a day. I'm sure once he is active he will be pleased to know that his 1 shot a day will hopefully be back into affect.

I will say Rial has not had a very memorable summer, I sincerely wish I could let go and let him sleep over at his friends houses, let him go with others on outing etc... However, I just CAN"T. When he gets older hopefully i will let go more. I think I have a great family & friends base, but not willing to chance him with anyone. I know my neighbors have a great understanding of his situation, they are AWESOME, they get sugar free snacks just for when Rial comes over and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for that. My Mother-in-law is GREAT, she watches the kids all day and truly appreciate this, especially with my kids!LOL! Also my mom & dad have been wonderful (Mr. & Mrs. health conscious) they have givin me some great idea's and has helped out tremendously! They have also created a breakfast I will share below, trust me when I say it is really very yummy! Plus all other friends and family, you guys are all wonderful:)

Breakfast Idea:
1 1/2 cup of All Bran Buds
2 cut up strawberry's
1/2 cut up nectarine
2 cups of yogurt (homemade is best, but regular will do)
Top it all off with a couple of spoonfuls of honey!
YUMMY! Very healthy, low carb and will help out with your gastrointestinal tract!

In closing...... I am happy summer is over and school is BACK! I finally got the kids to the beach over the weekend and happy to report everyone had a BLAST! Now off to the school and get with the nurse and make sure everything is in place for Monday morning. Still gotta get snacks and the dates of school field trips. Just gotta stay focused and keep my eye on the prize, children growing up to be responsible, healthy, loving people!

Now stay tuned for our next big adventure, surviving 4th Grade!!!!!